How to verify your account with mobile phone (account verification)

Not long ago I was asked about Facebook requesting confirmation to our identity by providing mobile phone and credit card numbers. A lot of discussions are going on about users unwilling to give out private details.  As such, I figure this could be something to talk about and invite more opinions on such implementations.

verify your account with mobile phone or credit card

This is an actual message from Facebook. No kidding. But why?

To prove you are real and authentic

This is a measure to ensure that Facebook is serving a real community of people instead of fake names and identities. Now some people have multiple accounts online for different purposes – and that’s not allowed either. What I’m not sure is when exactly someone will be asked to verify himself? It can be random or when Facebook system detects there’s a need for you to do. Facebook also explains the mobile number you added will be used for password retrieval, which makes sense and can be a real lifesaver if you lost it.

To me, I’m not ready to give out my credit card number so mobile number is my only option.

How to verify your account with mobile phone number?

Same as how you activate your mobile device for facebook updates, which can be really simple. But there may be unexpected cases that require assistance like how it is explained in our previous post on How to solve facebook mobile verification code problem. But if still no luck, go for this form then:

unable to confirm identity when add mobile number for account verification

Hey, Facebook says my mobile number is already registered! What shall I do?

Ouch! Then you should try this Mobile Account Verification form :

mobile account verification

What if my carrier is not supported??

Thank God when it comes to account verification, this is not necessarily a problem (but will be for Facebook mobile texts). Assuming you got this verification message when sending a friend request, just select the ‘Verify’ link below the captcha box. You can always request new codes from here if like. Do MAKE SURE you have entered your country code without the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign, or any special characters for that matter. But go easy with that, you don’t want to exceed your code requesting limit in a day!

How am I suppose to verify my account WITHOUT a mobile phone?

Either you don’t have a mobile phone or refuse to give it out, here’s another thing you can do. Add a college or university network from your account settings section.

network tab to verify account on facebook

This networks tab will work just fine as long you can provide the details WITH your school email. Now here is the confusing part – is it ok to provide just the school email, or do we need to have that I’m not sure. Kindly share your knowledge if you have any info.

requires college email to add a network

It’s my sincere wish that you will never have to go through these hardships to verify your account. Now if luck is not on your side and your Facebook account is blocked or disabled by Facebook, redeem it as fast as possible. May not always be the case that Facebook will reply but if you don’t try, there’s no chance at all. Good luck.

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    why I din’t receive any message from FB after I enter my mobile number to verify my account?

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