How to Upload Your Photo to Facebook Page with Mobile Device

At some point when you took a photo or video and eagerly wish to share it with your fans, but it seems that all your updates are directed to your personal profile instead. How do you able to upload photos or videos to fan page with a mobile device?

Luckily, you won’t be needing any special app but a simple email address will get you going, but not any regular email add though. Remember our post about How To Upload Updates And Photos To Facebook Via Email? Here’s something similar:

1. On your business fan page, click Edit Page >Mobile >Edit

Mobile setting for wall posting on fan page

2. Now here’s the access code – obtain your special email address as shown in the box below:

upload photos and videos to facebook fan page via email

3. Upload the photo to your facebook page wall via email:

upload photos via email

The email address is unique and shall be kept from sharing with anyone, except admins of the fan page. Otherwise anyone will have access to your wall and post on your behalf. The email subject will be the caption for your photo/video. And you can refresh your upload email anytime for security reasons.

When it comes to mobile device, you can associate multiple mobile numbers for a fan page, but not the other way around. Either a facebook page or profile can only associate to one mobile number. Once a number is taken for either one, the other must obtain a new number in order to post . Read Facebook Help FAQ for more info.

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