How to Transfer Profile Username to a Facebook Page

NOTE: Random results surfaced when one tries to transfer their username starting Nov,2010 – works for some and not. Unable to identify why and how. Be forewarned there may be risks involved.

Often times we created a username for our personal profile, then later figured we should reserve that for our fan page! Even though it is not advisable to use company name for a personal profile, but some company accounts have long started and now since there’s no way to transfer fans or content, at least one can migrate a better username for page promoting, sounds fair right?

When it comes to Username:

-          Facebook profile can only have one-time edit

-          Facebook fan page has given NO edit once been set

Quite strict, but in fact Facebook has given us opportunity to make this happen without having to break this rule. Let’s say you have already set a vanity url for your personal account: To transfer your existing username over to the fan page, here’s what you should do:

Change your existing profile username to another:

  1. Go to Account > Account Settings
  2. Look for Username > Change

Change username for profile

3.  Type in your new username for profile account > Check availability. Confirm your username if it is available (this edit will be permanent once finalized).

select a new username for your profile

Friendly reminder: username can only contain alphanumeric characters or a period (“.”). Generic words are not usable as a username (example: pizza).

4.  Now the previous username ‘companyname’ is available. Grab it quickly from this link:

5.  Click ‘Set a username for your Pages’ will reveal a drop down box for you to select your page.

set username for your fan page

6.  Make your pick and type in your desired username. Check availability and confirm it.

You are all set with a facebook page that equips a business name as your vanity url. As how page category works, page username can never be changed after this. You will have to delete the fan page and start all over. But as much you can fix it with the same page name, its old username can never be retrieved.

NOTE: Random results surfaced when one tries to transfer their username starting Nov,2010 – works for some and not. Unable to identify why and how. Be forewarned there may be risks involved. Will update.

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64 Responses to “How to Transfer Profile Username to a Facebook Page”

  1. mahendra gupta says:

    I am very gald that I worked for me. I am very thankful to Facebook team for it and all the users for their feedback.

    In my case it didn’t took even 24 hr. I sent my request to FB team on sat. evening and when on sunday morning i thought to try if it is working.

    I released my profile username by changing it to some other username and my desired username for my pgae was released. When i did this i was not sure if it will happen or not. but i thought let’s go ahead and will see whatever happns.

    I am very happy to see it has been done and Thankful to FB team.

    Fill out the following form on Facebook: and explain your situation in the box provided

    Yeppiiiiiiiii………… :)

    Mahendra Gupta

  2. Jack says:

    Aright, so, it took exactly 2 weeks and one day, after which it was released. All is well in my world now! If everything else fails, consider getting your name trademarked using legalzoom or similar. FB will listen to you then. Good luck!

  3. Bassam says:

    Hi it’s not working after I change my profile usename I check for it and I always get not available what to do now I don’t have it and nobody else have it

  4. RK says:

    I changed the username for a business page and now the page cannot be found with either the username or the previous longer url.

    Is there a time-delay for the new username url to start working?

    If not is there a facebook contact address to submit this issue?


  5. fb user says:

    can i remove my username link?

  6. Mattias says:

    Yes, I did this as well and now I have lost it all together. NOT very nice at all. I changed my personal, then did as you told me and now my name is no longer available. :-(

  7. Hamsterlegs says:

    Thanks for the article. I had the same problem, I followed your instructions but got the evil “is not available”. I’ve posted to the infringement link and am waiting…
    PS your comment box blocks certain keys such as cursor keys (IE9)

  8. Santy Caceres says:

    In my case it took a few weeks for the username to become available. Keep checking.

  9. nolan says:

    Worked for me just now! Snagged it on day 12. :D

  10. G’Day! Faebook,
    Thanks, on a related note I was making an attempt to make a username for my business web page on Facebook and it constructed me design a profile page. But when I formulated the username, it connected it to the profile web page rather of the online business web page. Can I transfer the username to my corporation web page? Or will I have to switch the username on the profile and look at to redo it? I are unable to search for any assistance on this on the Facebook Assistance Center.
    Nice One!

  11. Brad Conlin says:

    Hey guys

    Quick question…. will changing the username for a business affect the current apps im running on the page?

  12. Nikon Baby says:

    I had already submitted this form and explain your

    I hope I will get a reply from facebook team soon. :)

    Nikon Baby

  13. Chris says:

    Does this work for changing the fan page username? I had already given my original user account the username I wanted to give my fan page and given my fan page a seperate username. Is there anyway to take the original username and use it on just fan page? Kind of confusing, but I didn’t know I was creating a username for my main account and not my fan page.

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