How to remove, unsync mobile contacts from Facebook Phonebook

I’m not much a mobile user but I value privacy as much as anyone else. So when a friend told me the syncing ability in Facebook that ‘might’ import your contacts from your iPhone without consent, I was worried. Lots of my friends are iPhone users, no way I’m letting this news slipped without checking with them first.

facebook sync contacts on iphone app

Looks like there is a Facebook contact sync feature in Facebook iPhone application that when clicked, synchronize your friends contacts numbers in mobile phone to match entries found on Facebook, then display on your ‘Phone’ section in Facebook profile. The concern is that these numbers will be kept without the users knowing it. If the contact cannot be located on Facebook, a new entry will be created based on the details imported and an invitation link so you can ask them to join Facebook. They may not like the idea to have their private contact number been stored on Facebook. Now I know many of you have private contacts on your iphone, so if you want to know how to unsync it from your Facebook account, read on!

What should I know about Facebook Phonebook?

Facebook Phonebook

Basically, Facebook phonebook is a section to display your friends that have their privacy settings set so approve their contact info been revealed to their friends. Now with the Facebook contact sync, mobile numbers from your iphone can be imported into the same folder.

How to unsync Facebook mobile contacts from iphone application

First, click the Account > Edit Friends > Phonebook (top left column). Now that you have found it, click it to see the list. Don’t panic just yet; you can remove all those mobile contacts once and for all.

Now go to this magic link and put an end to your contact privacy nightmare.

remove important contacts from iphone application

The lesson of this post is, be extra attentive to what you’re going to click on Facebook or your mobile device. Not all features can be reverted; don’t learn it the hard way.

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