How to Remove Facebook Application from Facebook Page

So in previous post we have taught you how to find and add facebook applications to your facebook fan page. What if you are not satisfied with some and wish to remove them? Here are several ways:

Remove application from Facebook Page

  1. In your fan page, click Edit Page > look for the application name you wish to remove in the Application list.
  2. Let’s say we’ll be removing RSS Graffiti from our page. Look for ‘Remove Application’ as shown below, click it:

Remove Application 3. A warning box will appear to reconfirm your decision to remove, click ‘Remove’:

Confirm Remove Application

Remove selected application from Facebook Tab

An easier way is to remove the application straight from the tab. Click at the application tab> click at the pencil to reveal a drop down menu> select ‘Delete Tab’.

Delete Tab

Privacy Caution:

Normally when you add a facebook application for the use of your fan page, you are automatically authorizing its access to your personal account as well. Make sure you check through your personal Account Settings as illustrated:

Facebook Application Settings

and remove the selected application by clicking ‘x’

Remove application from Application setting

Kindly refer to our previous post for more information about Privacy settings for facebook applications: How To Protect Your Information from Exposures with Application Settings and How to Remove or Block Unwanted Facebook Applications

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