How to Manage Guest Lists and RSVP for Facebook Page Event

Facebook 101 Tips : How to Manage your Guest Lists and RSVP for Facebook Page Event

Page admins should know how they can properly manage their guest lists. They are given options to check through the guest lists while able to print them out for easy follow-ups. Today we’ll be covering that, at the same time give you some ideas on how the RSVP works so you can guide your fans in case they are new to Facebook Events.

To Manage Guest List

By clicking at ‘Edit Guest List’ on the Event page, all guests responses will be displayed to you in different categories:

View Guest List

In case you’re wondering, yes, you can even block a guest from participating your event – unable to see the event or stories about it.

Sometimes it’s not easy to manage a large guest list online. For that, you can choose to print out the list (only visible if you have responded guests) and follow up with reminders or ask them to provide you with requests/discussions they would like you to cover during the event:

Print Guest List On Events Tab

A printing preview is available. You can tweak the ‘Include’ section so to print out the guest list you need:

Print Guest List

There is also an ‘Export Event’ option for you or participants to download the calendar or send it via Email message as a reminder for the event. How convenient!

Facebook Export Event

To RSVP for a Facebook Page Event

If your fans have yet to RSVP for the event, an option named ‘RSVP to this event’ will be visible to them as a reminder to their participation:

RSVP to event if have not

After click at it, a RSVP box will appear for them to decide, even adding a few notes for the event. Once they hit ‘RSVP’, their profile thumbnail will appear on the tab based on their decision to whether attend the event or not.

RSVP to this event

At the same time, their RSVP note will be published on the Wall of the Events tab if you allowed their posting:

Add RSVP note

One can have the freedom to opt-out from the event completely but if you are an admin of the page, never remove yourself or the event will be deleted altogether:

Remove from RSVP

Interesting how one Events tab can be so powerful. Next we will be talking about ways to invite guests to join your Facebook page event! Stay tuned!

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