How to Edit Your Personal Information on Facebook Timeline

Once you got your Timeline, you should be excited to know more about the basic features and one of them is how you can update your personal info on Timeline. Simple, you can ‘Update Info’ right below your cover photo.

update info in Timeline

Or click the ‘About’ below your profile picture:

edit info in your facebook about page

Some personal information you can edit in Timeline including:

  • Basic Info, Contact Info
  • Work and Education
  • Living (Your Hometown)
  • Your Relationships
  • Pages you owned
  • Favorite Quotations

Each of your information can be modified with the ‘Edit’ link at the top-right corner. Don’t forget to choose your audience selector (public, friends, only me or custom) before saving your changes. Same goes to other boxes underneath your cover: Friends, Photos, Map, Likes, About, Subscribers, Subscriptions and Notes. Click at any of the boxes you like to edit and go through the process like you normally do with your old profiles.

collapse to show more timeline boxes

Another way to edit is by using the pull down menu in your ‘Activity Log’ and navigates from one box to another:

edit other boxes in Timeline

That’s just about it on how to edit your personal information on Timeline. Have you had any difficulties trying to change your info?

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4 Responses to “How to Edit Your Personal Information on Facebook Timeline”

  1. anonymoose says:

    I just changed my “places lived in” but i added a place 2 times (none of them is the current) & i cant delete any of them :( plz help

  2. robin standridge says:

    can’t delete place or times on the map in the timeline, also can’t edit/ Please help!

  3. Kathy Horetski says:

    You go to edit personal info, click on cities where you have been and there is a X on the right hand side. click on the X and it will remove location from your map.

  4. JPERZ says:

    How do you change what information shows up in the little summary box below your profile picture? For example, mine has my school, my relationship status and my hometown but I would rather it said my networks or birthday instead of relationship status? On my friends’ profiles they have other information but they don’t know how/why it’s set up this way?

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