How to Ban and Unblock a Group Member in Facebook Group

As promised in our last post (Top 4 Things a New Facebook Group Admin Must Know), I save one final thing a Facebook group admin can do in our today’s post. I know how confusing the title must be, why ‘unblock’ but not ‘unban’. Here in Facebook group they literally mean the same thing. you will see what I mean in a short while.

To Ban (or block) a Group Member

It is the admin’s responsibility to keep the group in order. When there is a spammer on the loose, The process to ban him is relatively easy. Go to your members list (check this post to find out where is it: How to Add a New Admin to your New Facebook Group), click at ‘x’ next to the member’s name and select ‘Ban Permanently’.

remove or ban a member from facebook group

(Note: To remove the member without banning, click at ‘x’)

What does ‘Ban Permanently’ do is to prevent the banned member from searching (if yours is a Open Group) or accessing your group content. Now see what I mean about how ban and block is been treated the same thing in the new Facebook groups – your banned member will be listed in the ‘blocked’ list (not ‘banned’ list).

To Remove Ban on a Group Member

To unban (unblock) a member, go to the group’s ‘blocked’ list and click remove ban.

remove ban

Don’t stop here as that will not bring him back to the group. The member will have to request to join your group all over again! Only then you as group admin can confirm his request and add him back:

confirm banned member's request

Another easy guide to take control of your facebook group. Do you have any other questions about the new facebook groups? Tell us in your comments!

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  1. Desiree Hesse says:

    I somehow got blocked/banned from the 2011 get organized group on FB this week & no one not even the owner of the page can figure out how I got blocked. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated considering FB Help hasnt replied to any of us requesting assistance. The owner, myself & various other members all sent requests for assistance in the matter & none of have received any replies.

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