How to Add a Cover Image to Your Facebook Profile Timeline

timeline cover

A cover is the large photo at the top of your timeline. Similar to your profile picture, your cover photo is public so you should choose it wisely. Select the unique photo from your life that best describes who you are and what you care about. Do not use it for banner ads or any content that is commercial, copyright-infringing or promotional.

The size of your cover photo must be at least 720 pixels wide. The recommended cover size limit is about 851×315 px. Here is how you can add a cover image to your profile timeline,

  1. On your new profile Timeline, click ‘Add a Cover’.
  2. Make your pick between ‘Upload photo’ (from desktop) and ‘Choose from Photos’ (from existing photo albums).
  3. You can reposition your cover image by dragging it to fit, then ‘Save’ when done.

reposition cover on timeline

Your cover image is stored in a ‘Cover Photos’ album and you can edit this photo anytime same as any of your other photos.

edit cover on timeline

Unlike any other albums, you cannot adjust the album privacy settings, it will always remain Public. To reach your Cover photos, look for ‘Photos’ box at the top of your timeline > Cover Photos (album).

cover photo album

You can know more about Timeline and which of your friends already got it here. We will cover some basic tips about timeline in next post. Meanwhile, have you uploaded your cover photo yet? Share your link below so we can see it.

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4 Responses to “How to Add a Cover Image to Your Facebook Profile Timeline”

  1. Venkatesh says:

    HI, How to add facebook cover image ? wats the steps to b followed ?After going to my profile, i’m not able to find timeline or nothing.. plz advice on this

  2. lee says:

    You will be able to add cover image once Facebook released Timeline to your account. Did you get it yet?

  3. Mandy says:

    I recently started the new feature of facebook. I really haven’t had the time to spend on the computer learning all the new features. My problem is when I try to upload a picture from my blackberry to my cover photo it leaves me with a error message: Facebook Response Error: Application does not have the capability to make this API call. This album is not visible due to privacy (2220)

  4. timeline says:

    its very nice

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