How to Add and Remove Admin from Your Facebook Page

Facebook 101: How to Add and Remove Admin from Your Facebook Page

For each facebook page, there can be more than one admin. In order to assign somebody as an admin to your page, he needs to be a fan of the page first. Then as the page creator, you can find him within the list of ‘People who Like’ and ‘Make him Admin’:

Assign admin right

During the process, you will be warned about the same control both of you will have over the fan page. If you stick to the plan, just hit ‘Make Admin’ to confirm your decision:

Make Admin Message

If you changed your mind, you can always revoke his admin right easily by ‘Remove Admin’:

Remove admin

You can do so inside the Page Dashboard too. Just go to Edit Page > Look for Admin at the right column, middle area for Admins> Remove Admin:

Remove admin in Dashboard

But, that’s not all. Recently we have been told that there is a slight change regarding the admin removal issue. Before this, the original creator of a page cannot be removed. Now even sub-admins are able to remove the page creator (transfer admin right) if required.

The reason why Facebook is changing this is probably due to many requests made by business owners who want to regain their control over their pages from developers, ex-employees etc. As much we are welcoming this change, but it does alert us to be extra careful before electing a new admin, for now ‘trust’ is the main element to ensure he or she won’t kick you out of your very own facebook page after becoming one of your admins.

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5 Responses to “How to Add and Remove Admin from Your Facebook Page”

  1. Deb A says:

    After reading your post on the changes FB has made with the ability to remove the page creator as an administrator, I’d just like to be clear… In order to get the full benefits of setting up a business page, it needs to be attached to a profile. If I attach my company’s biz page to my personal profile and I leave the company, I can remove myself and someone else can become the admin and page creator. Is that correct?

  2. lee says:

    Yes, you’re right Deb. But do make sure to assign someone to take over the fan page first before removing yourself from the admin. It’s very critical to do so preventing the page from becoming admin-less.

  3. Angelornot says:

    How can someone take over as admin on my facebook and take my admin privileges?

  4. fuad ferelli says:

    because,my group cannot admin.

  5. Judy says:

    If I want to remove an admin, will he be notified and have to agree to be removed before he is removed? Kinda a weird question but the 2 of us took over a page from someone, and the integrity of his posts is less than desirable. I do not know this person personally. I just want to know if it is just a quick click and he is gone. :]

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