How To Activate Facebook Mobile Device For Facebook Updates

Facebook 101 : How To Activate Facebook Mobile Device For Facebook Updates

If you are constantly on the move, activate your mobile device for Facebook updates, messages or any form of requests is a must. We have talked about mobile verification for username in earlier post. Here we will be guiding you through the mobile integration with Facebook, making your traveling and online networking easier.

 The process is quite straight forward, after logged on to your Facebook account:

  1. Go to Account > Account Settings
  2. In My Account, look for Mobile among the tabs and click it.

Facebook My Account

     3.  You will encounter two selections here. Select Register for Facebook Text Messages to proceed with the activation:

Activate A Phone

 If you have previously received a confirmation code from username setup, go straight to the second option ‘Already received a confirmation code’ and enter the code:

Facebook Confirmation Code

       4. If you are activating for the first time, there are 3 steps you need to go through:

            i)  Select your country and mobile service provider for your mobile device. Click Next.

Activate Facebook Texts Step 1

            ii) Now use your mobile device, send a text message to 32665 following the instructions:

Activate Facebook Text Step 2

           iii) Final step, after you received the confirmation code, key in the code in the box shown, hit Confirm. You’re done!

Facebook Activate Step 3

Now you can enjoy the pleasure of texting your friends via Facebook Wall Posts, messages anywhere, anytime!


You can download Facebook applications that can be used for your mobile device, below are several choices:



Sony Ericsson





Windows Mobile


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