Facebook 101 – How To Fill Your Facebook Profile Information

How To Fill Out Profile Information

An empty Facebook account with no personal info and profile picture is basically telling us – I don’t want to be found! C’mon, seriously?

There are two reasons why are people using Facebook:

-          To connect with family and friends;

-          To meet and find potential clients and like-minded people

Create an account that shuts the door to EVERYONE isn’t logical. But you do need to know several privacy settings which I will explain in our coming topics.  Now first thing first:

Facebook Basic Information

  1. Basic Information – Hometown, purpose of connecting, political views, bio etc. Facebook will publicize whatever you are willing to share. Feel free to skip some that you don’t find interest in telling. Just mind these two options:

i)                    Show your gender, or not

ii)                   Show your birthday, or not

(Privacy settings will be available to control who can view these info. If you want your friends to see your birthday not the strangers, you may still choose show birthday in my profile, but tweak the privacy settings so non-friends won’t be seeing it. We’ll explain about this soon.)

Show Birthday And Gender or Not

2. Profile Picture – Great! We’ve covered that. Kindly refer to How to Upload a Profile Picture to Facebook.

3. Relationships – This is a good way to indicate why you’re on Facebook.

Relationship Status

Family Member – this is another fun way to find your long lost relatives. Let’s say your cousin is looking for your brother – Fae Lee (coincidence?). By acknowledging this relationship in your Facebook (which will be publicized), your cousin can instantly find your brother after connecting with you.

Confirmation of Relationship

4. Likes and Interests – This section has recently been modified by Facebook to encourage Fan Page and Community Page participations. We will introduce them later in the topic, but first, you ought to fill up some details like activities, interests, music, movies, tv shows and so on. The details are connected to fan pages or community pages as shown below (multiple choices given), you need to find the closest resemblance to your descriptions (feel free to ignore some you don’t feel like giving out):

Likes and Interests

5. Education and Work – From where you go/went to school to where you are working/worked. Easy for your classmates, schoolmates and colleagues to find you on Facebook. For business purposes, this will give them an idea what is your educational level and past experiences before working with you.

Education and Job

6. Contact Information – Instant messaging contact, mobile number, address and website.

Note: Preferably to keep your housing address private and not public viewing available. Or better, skip your house number and street completely. We never know who is watching.


Congrats! You should be proud of yourself for you have successfully setup a Facebook personal account. Don’t miss our coming posts about how can you protect your information from public viewing.

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